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Who we are

We are an amazing community built from the ground up. We started in 2014 in the West End of Newcastle Upon Tyne in a church hall!

In late 2014 we acquired our first premises and a year later we moved into the current premises in Chapel House.

Our clients are what drives us and helps us to build a fantastic business which only wants to provide a great place to be comfortable, accepted and where anyone can workout!

Our new clients love it at Evo, they find friendships that will last a lifetime and we love this fact. Even those who are happy to come and just do classes with no interaction end up getting involved with events etc that we organise for our owners, instructors and clients.

Some of our clients have been here since the first few weeks of sessions and we love that we are their people, they are ours too!

We constantly and tirelessly support charity's or fundraising events our clients may need help or asking us to advertising to spread the word.

Come join us for the journey of a lifetime, we want to help you every step of the way.


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Nutrition and more....

We have some fantastic Personal Trainers who are great advocates of healthy eating. We have access to a qualified Nutritionalist and a Nutritional Coach  and their advice on everything food. We also know that a lot of the times it is the food prep to the "what is a macro" conversations that are needed too. How to live a life with alcohol or takeaways and also to know that cheat meals don't work for everyone! We know that we want you to understand calories in and calories out is what matters for weight/ body-fat loss but also that those calories need to be nutritious and also filling and satisfying along with as little processing as possible 80% of the time.

We want you to gain knowledge from ours and others experiences. Just let us know what you need.

We also have some fabulous groups on Facebook like Evolution Members Webinars-  and Evolution Foodspiration foodie group -, we also have an instagram account too - so find us there.


Our services

We are not just a fitness studio we are so much more, we have a vast array of memberships, courses and block bookings, along with blog posts and sessions for anything from the perfect deadlift to helping with your mindset. Our instructors are amazing and definitely put you through your paces!

We really do pride ourselves on the support we give with regards wellness, mental health and mindfulness to mention but a few.

Life can be crazy and we want to be clearly there at the front letting you know with a click of a button what amazing different coping mechanisms, tools, events are available with us or in the  local area and also thanks to online platforms worldwide!

We are also currently looking more into the psychology behind health, fitness and happiness with our Podcast 'Evolve . Health .Fitness. Happiness.' Currently one of our staff is studying her Psychology degree in California and will be bringing a wealth of knowledge to other areas of our lives too !


“–Never felt healthier and more fit than when I workout at Evo. No judgements, no feeling self conscious and no limitations. Just one big happy family 

-Eva Al Masri-


“This is the type of place you can come on your own as the members are so friendly and the instructors are amazing. If you need a push and to feel motivated this is defo the place to be".

-Karen Little –


"Great Instructors, I really enjoy the workouts, everyone is so helpful and friendly. Lots of different classes at lots of different times, so easy to find a class that fits in with work and family life !"

-Ali Falcus–


"Absolutely love Evo!

there is such a variety of brilliant classes at different times so you can always get to something.!!

Everyone is so welcoming and supportive and its definitely the best group of people at any gym I've been to. I couldn't recommend Evo enough, its fantastic! x" 

- Gail Rich -


" Great instructors, great classes and fab people highly recommend using Evo"

- Carol Anderson Parker-


Friendly staff who work hard and have a passion to get the best out of you. Fantastic community spirit between Evo members. Be prepared to make new friends! Best gym I've ever been to, so much so that I WANT to be there every day. Huge variety of classes that start as early as 6am through til 8pm, so no excuses not to go. Facebook page keeps you up to date and allows you to get to know people, who are always so encouraging. Joining Evo is the best thing I've done.

- Anna Bartram -


This is my 7th week at Evo and it's the first time in my life that I've actually been excited to exercise. The instructors and everyone who I've met in class are so lovely and supportive. There is such a huge range of classes and I miss the days when I don't get to go! would 100% recommend this place to anyone

- Rachael Samantha Shotton -

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