I hate the treadmill, bike, fixed weights. I much prefer classes that are fun and hard work! Evo studio has so many classes to choose from I wish I had time to do them all. The instructors are crazy but so welcoming and helpful, its got a real family feel and everyone looks out for each other and gives support. Some days I go just for the laughs ! Could not be happier.

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– Steph Nelson, client –


All Inclusive Membership

What do you get with our membership ??


You get unlimited access to all of our in person classes at the studio, access to our amazing online classes - for members only, online social media group support, foodie groups, webinars and videos on social media and much much more! We are creating a membership site - ready mid September- and there will be tonnes of blogs, podcasts, video tutorials, 6/12 week challenges everything your heart desires. We will also be doing videos on nutritional support, mindfulness, pregnancy, meditation, all sorts to benefit your health, fitness and happiness.....


Pay As You Go

Not sure a commitment for 3 months is right for you, no problem. We also do pay as you go, the only thing is if you do 2 or more pay as you go a week you may as well get a membership and have well over 60 classes PER week to choose from, or the PAYG for just 2 classes will cost more!

We know only too well clients don't like to be tied in at the start but once they get into their routine they are always wanting to do more classes than two a week. Either way its up to you. Follow the click button below to sign up for PAYG.


Block Booking Memberships

We also have 3 months, 6 months, 12 months memberships available too!

The 12 months membership comes with 2 months per year free so grab one of these or asking  for one for your birthday or Christmas  always seems to be extremely popular too.

Buying in a block booking will help you keep motivated and focused. Please give us a shout if you need help or assistance. We are here to help every step of the way !