If you want to see physical results EVO is the place to go. The staff are all fabulous, they really push you and encourage you in the nicest way. I love the fact you can do the same class with a different instructor and it's totally different. Definitely recommend becoming a EVO member, you won't regret it.


– Anne Havery - client –

Come join our amazing community.

, At Evo our clients are what drives us to achieve more and give a fantastic service, the clients are the ones who create a supportive, friendly, one size fits all fitness studio in the West End of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, they like to say it's Evo but we honestly just help you along the way. We are so excited to be part of everyones journey and want to create something that cannot be recreated elsewhere.

Evo does as it says, it just keeps evolving and recreating the services we offer and we honestly believe that we will keep going and growing as long as we are needed.

We thank you all, past present and future clients because without you it would still all be just a dream that started with the quote to your right.



Classes we have .......

Indoor cycling

Ass n Abs


Strength and Conditioning

Pound Rock Workout

Evo Mix Up

Live Online Classes


Raise The Bar

Weights and Abs

Evo 20/20



....and much much more!

I don’t even know where to start in explaining how much Evo has changed my life and my outlook on fitness. From the moment I joined, the community spirit is so strong, and it really feels like one big family. The instructors are fantastic - so motivational, with amazing classes and a personal approach to our sessions. My confidence has grown massively, and being part of Evo has pushed me to try a range of workouts that I wouldn’t have usually tried. I can honestly say my love for exercise has grown whilst attending Evo and I can’t thank you all enough! X

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