Online or at home !

A fantastic studio and a truly awesome community of people to boot. Could not ask for more.

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– Emma Koster - Client –

Our All Inclusive Membership - online coming soon !

We will be having online services that will be included in any of our memberships purchase at no extra cost.

The online part of the membership will only be available to All Inclusive Membership holders.

We are looking at doing just an online membership too so watch this space. We have no dates for this as yet. We will update you via this page once we know.

There will be a library of classes, block course, nutritional advice, seminars and so much more!

The choice is yours with online classes.... as always ! you get to pick the same ones or different every time we want to offer more than anywhere else does and try to do our best at providing as much as we can for your money.



Who are our online sessions suitable for? (coming soon)

No need to leave home

Loads of sessions to choose from

Whatever it is you need we are sure we will have it

Still part of the online community

Workout before or after work

Complete workouts when kids are in bed

Pick what you want day in day out

Pre recorded so anything goes and you can repeat watch too

If we change one persons life, help them create a lifestyle they love and they can truly appreciate themselves then our job is done.

– Sarah, Helen and Emma –