“Evolving” follow your tribe……..

We really want to be different in our podcasts so we bring to you some easy, cup of coffee conversations with expert guests from all over the world and on your doorstep in Newcastle Upon Tyne. We want to fill you with so much information you have no time to be critical of yourself…. or others… we want to inspire you to really look into yourself and change your mindset along with lots more…. health, fitness, mental health, nutrition, wellness, meditation, mindfulness, hobbies, relationships and much much more we want you to join our following and whether you listen while in the tub or while cooking your favourite meal ( one of our fab recipes in our foodie area of course!!)…come on… be part of our tribe… our “Evolving” tribe ! We are waiting for you !

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  1. Helen on September 2, 2020 at 6:55 pm

    It’s amazing to be part of the Evo tribe. Love Helen x

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