It is sometimes the hardest thing to realise that we just need to say no.

  • Negative interactions, it’s ok to say you don’t want to be involved, that its not a conversation you want to be a part of and to be clear it’s inappropriate.
  • DO NOT ever apologise for what defines you or makes you unique and makes you you.
  • Never be afraid of your dream and telling others about it whether you aspire to be a self made millionaire selling products from home or you want to be sat on a bench in the House of Parliament in Westminster. It is your life and make sure it is what you want to do. Make no apologies if others see it as over confident or are ashamed. do what makes your heart beat out of your chest and be proud whatever and whoever you are. Your dream is yours and no one else’s.
  • If unwanted opinions are given walk away, keep doing what you want to do and love to do never look back and go live your life.
  • Definitely say no to naps, or sitting doing nothing and maybe even binge watching TV, it is good for no one. It will pull you down and make you low in mood, get up and ensure you walk 10,000 steps ATLEAST a day.
  • No No No to negative self talk – we have to stop this process.
  • Self care, its all about you first and foremost – I have gone through some crazy crap the last 2 years and being able to be aware of how I talk to myself especially in front of my children has been so so so liberating. its been fun and mind blowing all at the same time.

Love Sarah x

“When you are saying yes to others, make sure you are not saying no to yourself”.

-Paulo Coelho

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