Obsessed with weight-loss

Worldwide social media platforms allow us to think that everyone and anyone should be trying to constantly achieve weight loss and tbh its frustrating. Yes we all want to lose weight at some point in life and me no less than others, but, what I’ve come to realise is our weight loss does not determine our happiness or satisfaction in life.

We do not need to follow the same rules as everyone else, we need to make our own rules up and make sure they align with our lifestyle and things we love to do as well.

There were times I believed we should all eat breakfast at 6-9am but the clue is in the word – “break fast” – so when you break your fast from the night before. Everyones body craves food at different times and we need to remember food is to keep us alive, nutritionally satisfied and healthy not for fitting into other peoples timetables, or beliefs. Its not about filling ourselves with sugar laden foods increasing our weight but also not about living such a calorific deficit that it causes us more harm than good.


Some days we have breakfast and some days we have brunch! Its your meal and your day so choose what’s right by you and no one else. Who wants to live a miserable life where their day is regulated by food, food is an essential and not a controlling factor. Yes go for nice meals etc that’s lifestyle choices but don’t limit your day to being good one or a bad one because of the foods you ate.


Weighing scales…. misery mats…. sad steps….

We do not need to be defined by our scales define ourself by going and finding ourself and learning to love ourself before we start to look at something like dropping the pounds. I absolutely agree we need to weigh ourselves to keep an eye on our weight BUT keeping it to once a fortnight, or once a month is probably better for anxiety around weight.

I find the minute I start making me happy and giving myself some self love/care that my commitment to drop a few lbs or fit a different dress size is easier and more achievable. If I’m happy in my mind then I love my body, if my mind is not in a great place I always start to criticise myself and the way I am or look. This had to stop as I was criticising the only place my mind had to live…. it needed my love and adoration…..so I was going to give it that. Heres some tips to keep it real and lose weight while finding a love for yourself again.

We need to create health eating habits with really good choice mood foods.

Make sure you are doing all types of fitness not just cardio. Strength training alongside cardio will give you much better results.

Stop avoiding fats in foods. It does have twice as many calories as protein and carbs but is also twice as filling so will satisfy you longer. looking at around 30% fats in diet is where we should ideally be aiming for.

Fat free isn’t always good – usually these foods are rammed with sugars and refined at that.

Get rid of the unprocessed food… so when we say eat 30% fats we mean naturally high in fat not processed donuts…. I like donuts mind you !

Try to stick in with 3 square meals or 5 smaller meals. Don’t go towards the snacking all through the day as this in our will usually mean you are overeating calories and underestimating the total calories actually eaten.

Calorie amounts on processed foods are usually out as much as 30%.

Finally why don’t you see what good changes you can make rather than starting another boring diet that restricts and ruins you. Why not set weekly challenges of less processed and more veg, less cakes and pretzels and more fruit. You may surprise yourself.

If you want to find out more about self care and self love check out our link at the bottom of the page for our podcast as we have some amazing guest speakers coming up on there that we want you to check out.

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