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Using your workout playlist to have a better birth – Jess @ Positively Pregnant.

Using your workout playlist to have a better birth

 Ever been driving somewhere, and a certain song comes on, and BAM – you’re in another time & place – Rocking your socks of at a gig with your Dad, or singing like a loon on the dance floor with your girls?!

That’s called ‘anchoring’, and it happens all the time… a certain smell, taste or sound/ song can take take us back to any place in time – and music is the most powerful of the ‘anchors’. Using our senses to help sway and influence our emotions and physiology is one of our greatest powers.

So how can you use this to your advantage in labour? 

As a Hypnobirthing teacher I often have Mums asking me if I know of any good ‘Hypnobirthing music’… you know, the plinky plonky type that you imagine wafting through the labour ward from the room with the incense flowing. My answer isn’t usually what they’re expecting…Ditch the idea of having tranquil meditation music on loop in the attempt of creating a serene atmosphere. [PICTURE 1]

Instead think more about what music does to you NOW. You don’t magically stop being you during birth, and so use that to your advantage. You will ALREADY have a strong tool in your birthing belt, and that’s those instant feelings and memories you have associated with different songs and artists. 

Those instant feelings of happiness, love, carefree times, funny times… are all going to work really well for you in getting OXYTOCIN flowing (the love hormone… for more on how that bad boy works, see my Video on making birth less painful!) which at the end of the day will make your birth less painful, and quicker. Win Win. [PICTURE2]

SO – here are my top tips for creating 3 different playlists for your birth, which may or may not include serene ‘hypnobirth-y’ music. Top points if you can find a playlist ALREADY on your phone which ticks these boxes… as the memories and feelings are already there!

1) Your HAPPY playlist: Think music from your wedding disco, cheesy 90’s pop, clubbing music, music you dance with your kids/ partner to, music from girls holidays, music that reminds you of your family. [PICTURE3]

2) Your DETERMINED playlist: This is where your gym/ workout playlist comes in PERFECTLY. You know when you’re part way through a work out/ run and you’re like ‘URGH I just can’t… but you find that strength & determination and you keep going, your music willing you on? 

Well it’s the same in labour… there will be times when you need a boost to keep you going. Those badass feelings of ‘I can do this’ will already be ingrained in that playlist. Use it to your advantage. [PICTURE4]

3) Your RELAXED playlist: So this might be where you actually enjoy some peaceful music, when you just need to go within yourself and focus on relaxing. If plinky-plonky aint your thing – a better option (in my opinion!) would be a ‘beach’ playlist you might have already on your phone from a relaxing holiday. Why? Well, you’ve lay on a beach/ holiday chilling your boots, feeling calm and relaxed whilst listening to this music, so those feelings and memories will come flooding back. [PICTURE 5]

So there you have it! A Hypnobirthing teacher telling you to ditch the ‘Birth’ music, and be more YOU.

Jessica x

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